Booking Spiritual Direction Session

Booking Spiritual Direction Session

Looking to deepen your spiritual journey? Look no further than The Gathering with Roger B. Our personal spiritual direction sessions are the perfect tool for enhancing your spiritual growth, strengthening your recovery, and shaping your conception of God as you understand Him. With 44 years of experience in the field, the spiritual concepts, principles, and ideas that we discuss are universal to most religions.

The Gathering’s talks are generally tied to one or more of the 12 Steps but are always guided by spiritual concepts, principles, and ideas common to most faiths. Topics are drawn from a variety of sources: the 12 steps, many of the well-known wisdom texts, science, and other teachers that speak to a spiritual solution to life’s challenges.

Roger B.'s words about these sessions: "My intention is for these talks to be helpful to anyone interested in enlarging or challenging themselves to greater, or renewed, spiritual growth. I have been in recovery for 44 years, and I am also a Certified Spiritual director. I have been brought along by the trial and error method—the educational variety of Spiritual experience, you could say. I speak from my experience, both in terms of what has NOT worked as well as what has worked and exactly how that has come about.

In 2006, I agreed to do “3” talks in a facility west of Minneapolis, MN. Little did I know this would be the birth of “The Gathering” . It's 2023, and we are still going at it! It's an open meeting attended by 12 Steppers as well as those who have been effected by someone else's addiction, and some are just simply interested in improving their personal level of Life satisfaction using a variety of Spiritually based tools. The talks revolve around Spiritual concepts and ideas that are often tied to one or more of the 12 Steps but are always guided by Spiritual Concepts, principles, and Ideas common to most Faiths as well as 12 Step Recovery."

Our price, quality, service, and mission set us apart. We offer free consultations and a community of people from all ages, backgrounds, and levels of consciousness, meeting monthly for the last 16 years. Our talks are fun, provocative, and free!

Join us on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 7 p.m. CST on Zoom, ID 728-200-4166, Password 513915. Can't make it to the live talks? Check out our Spotify and YouTube channels by searching "The Gathering with Roger B."

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to awaken your soul and deepen your ideas about spirituality. Contact us today and see what The Gathering can do for you! All proceeds go to GSTL 501c3.

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